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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by admin


Electric Taurus – Veneralia

Stoner rock trio Electric Taurus, comprising members James Lynch (bass), Matt Casciani (guitar and vocals) and Mauro Frison (drums) sent us on their debut album “Veneralia”, released through Moonlight Records, and it’s an okay starting for this band, who proudly wear their influences on their sleeve in the form of classic 70′s rock with some elements of Doom to boot. This is particularly evident in the opening track “Mountains”. A huge descending bass line and crashing drums are joined by a super fuzzy guitar before the classic rock riff kicks in. Matt Casciani’s vocals have that classic 70′s sound. You know the type; sounds like a guy singing in an empty church. It’s a style of vocal production that, for some reason, only works in this particular genre. “A New Moon” starts off with a slow guitar intro before launching into a spiky riff. There’s a really nifty guitar solo in the middle that pans from one side of the speakers to the other which is backed¬† up by a super bass line. The next track is a big one. Clocking in at a whopping eleven minutes, three parter, “Mescaline/If/At The Edge of the Earth”, opens with a bass line and features some ambient guitar work backed by a slight drum track. The issue for me was that it went on a bit too long, and almost veered on Spinal Tap “Jazz Odyssey” territory. Luckily, we’re brought back to normal service by a Zepplin style riff and some nicely complicated time shifts like Soundgarden used do back in the day before they were recording tracks for multi million dollar Hollywood flicks. When the “At The Edge of the Earth” section kicks in, it almost has a reggae feel to it, and it’s an easy piece to sit back and nod your head to. By the time “Two Gods/Caput Algol” you’ll have gotten a sense of where the songs are going. That being said, there’s some nifty little drum breaks in the middle before the bluesy guitar solos. The big doomy bass opens up “Prelude to the
Madness”. At this stage I’m feeling that the album is starting to lose a bit of momentum, as this is another slab of doomy metal, and while that’s fine, it’s not distinct enough from previous tracks to make it memorable. It’s the drums turn to intro a track with album closer “Magic Eye”, which has a killer little blues riff over top of the rhythm section, but then the track takes an inexplicable turn into super slow sludgey blues once again. The chorus, when it does arrive, is pretty catchy and¬†reminiscent of Soundgarden’s “Outshined”, and the track, and album, closes out with the big stadium rock ending.

Right, here’s the thing. The first two tracks are great, but about half way through “Mescaline…etc”, you feel like you’ve heard everything the guys have to offer. There are good moments in the songs, but they’re only flashes in seven minute songs. The biggest problem for me is that the songs are just too damn long. I know that’s a given for this style, and maybe if it’s on in the background and you’re not concentrating on listening to the songs it wouldn’t be as noticeable, but there were moments when the whole thing was dragging slower than some of the bands own riffs. The musicianship somewhat makes up for this, but only partly. As I said at the top, it’s an okay introduction to this band (especially the first two songs) and hopefully they come back for a second round, just so long as they act on the old saying “less is more”.

Kevin Dillon

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