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Published on October 14th, 2012 | by admin


Dem Fools

Tired of the hearing the same old guitar thrashing, faux Brit accented guitar-pop bands? How about stylish twee-rock three pieces with air-light harmony and elbow patches? Sick of it, right? Well, if that’s the case Chew Your Own Fat recommends you check out Dem Fools. You can rest assured that you have not heard the likes of this reggae/soul/folk/pretty much everything inspired, female-fronted band.
The band, combine obvious folk and reggae influences with undertones of several other genres to generate a new sound; the lead vocals have a genuine Rhythm and Blues air about them, the general beat of the songs have the one-two beat of a classic reggae song and the lyrics and beautiful vocal harmonising from Ais and Jill O’Reilly are often that of an established and well put together folk group. For example if you take one of their tracks, Don’t Make it Right you will find it hard to slot into to any figurative musical cubby-hole. It expertly combines all of their dominant influences to make a dramatic and exciting listen. On the other hand, Make you Smile leans more towards the folk end of this eclectic band’s wide spectrum; with constant, cutesy piano, country-twang guitar and sweet vocals, while Be Good to Yourself can’t definitely be labelled as “Modern Reggae” with a smooth, cool rhythm and an uplifting message and melody. They can even go jazz, as with Segue which has a very funky beat and tune to it with a miss-tuned piano adding a charming quirkiness. There are moments when you are listening to this band’s collection of songs when you think “what am I listening to?” and it can feel somewhat inconsistent but once you embrace the fact that these guys are simply displaying their love of a multitude of genres it’s easy to understand, and just as easy to like.
We are sure that this band is content entertaining niche crowds and evading the limelight but we are also quite adamant that they deserve a touch more recognition than they are currently getting. There is literally no other band to which you could wholeheartedly compare Dem Fools; you only have to check out their soundcloud page to figure that out. If you are feeling a little bored of the many similar bands on the music scene at the moment, you have no excuse to not check this band out. There are feel-good, unique and lovable band that demand attention with their ability to change things up and their one-of-a-kind image and sound.

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