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How OSI Food Solutions Went From Humble Beginnings To A Global Food Supplier

OSI Food Solutions is a massive privately held firm in the food industry. They have in excess of 65 facilities and 20,000 employees located around the globe. They have these facilities located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Poland,…

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David McDonald: Leaders Have To Make Hard Decision To Enhance The Success Of Their Companies

David McDonald OSI Group has been working towards ensuring that his organization, OSI Group, which is a food processing company works towards achieving multiple goals and objectives. However, the food industry has been very competitive due to the entry of other small food processing companies that are able to meet the needs of the customers….

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Robert Ivy Speaks on Lobbying Power

Robert Ivy is an architect who received his Master’s on Architecture from Tulane University. He is currently the CEO and EVP (Executive Vice President) of American Institute of Architects. Ivy has made significant strides in the professional industry and received several awards. He was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media as…

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