Ted Bauman’s Previous Career Helps Him To Write The Bauman Letter

Advocate for the people, Ted Bauman, is educating the average American on how to protect their assets. His long career has been dedicated to helping people from all walks of life. Bauman is the editor, writer, and creator of The Bauman Letter. All of his career experience is compiled into his writing, a compilation of solid investment advice for readers. The financial expert earned his Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Georgia State University. He also studied economics and history from the University of Cape Town when he lived in South Africa. Ted moved there when when he was a young man.

There are many ways to protect your assets from a market crash. Ted Bauman says that people have to be smart and prepare for the future. Diversify your investments in a variety of industries. If you are investing in stocks, also invest in bonds. They lesser known than stocks, but are a more stable way to build your financial portfolio. They also have less risk and are the slow and steady way to grow your money. Stocks are a faster, but more unsteady way to build wealth. Ted Bauman wants to help Americans keeps their wealth safe from greedy corporations and governments that don’t have people’s best interest at heart. Ted Bauman recommends that readers store their liquid assets in independent vaults or safe-deposit boxes in foreign countries.

They take more safety measures and have more security that other financial institutions. They also have more protection when it comes to the government coming in and trying to confiscate the items. Ted Bauman previously worked in the non-profit sector of a number of decades in South Africa. In his job, Ted had to work with governments all over the world, so he knows how they operate. He takes his knowledge to inform subscribers how to be smarter and more strategic about their finances. Mr. Bauman lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he is able to write his newsletter from home. This makes a more suitable environment where he can focus all of his energy on delivering the best information possible to readers.


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