Robert Ivy Speaks on Lobbying Power

Robert Ivy is an architect who received his Master’s on Architecture from Tulane University. He is currently the CEO and EVP (Executive Vice President) of American Institute of Architects. Ivy has made significant strides in the professional industry and received several awards. He was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media as well as a juror on the panel that chose Frank Gehry an architect, to design the memorial for Dwight D. Eisenhower. His greatest achievement is being the editor in chief of the journal Architectural Records. This magazine is the most read architectural journal, and this is because of Ivy’s great leadership. The journal has won several awards, and Robert Ivy has also received some awards including the Crain Award. Read more on

Robert Ivy values being part of a professional institution and attest that its benefits are great and increase the power and influence of the institution. Being part of a professional organization helps one in many ways which include getting job opportunities, expanding the lobbying power, acquire new information and knowledge and increase the educational resources. For Ivy, being part of the American Institute of Architects has significantly improved the ability of the organization. Robert Ivy spoke saying that the number of architects may be few in the industry, but their strength is powerful. Due to their organization, they can convince policymakers to make decisions that benefit them as an industry.

A good example he gave was when their advocacy organization affected the legislation of tax. Association with such organizations goes a long way in boosting the lobbying power of the American Institute of Architects that it has become a force to be reckoned with. This is because, with associations, the institution can get specific resources such as educational resources that spark an increase in the ranks in the institution. This leads to a rise in the influence of the organization. Robert Ivy continues to make significant strides in the architectural industry, and his achievements continue piling up. As an architect, Ivy is making a mark in history. Visit



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