Why Wes Edens chose to invest in sports

Investing in sports franchises may seem like a bold move, but for Wes Edens its strategy and passion that drives him. He recently made a su8bstantial investment at Aston Villa. This is one of England’s oldest football club has been in existence for more than a hundred years. The club that currently plays in the championship was on the verge of returning to the English Premier League in May. They, however, were unable as they lost their final game. This for Wes Edens presented an investment opportunity. Football is one of England’s biggest exports as their clubs have millions if not billions of fans that will follow them to wherever they go. The game has also seen a lot of money being pumped in and this was not being done blindly.

Already Aston Villa has been a well-known club that has millions of fans, and Wes Edens understood this. If his investment could be used to return the club to its former form, they could easily get back to the top of the EPL. This passion for the game and a clear-cut strategy, so they acquired 55 percent of the club. His partner, who is an Egyptian billionaire would become the new chairman, and together they embarked on strengthening the squad and giving management all the necessary support to ensure that their focus is now only in bettering the team. Wes Edens is also the Co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, who play in the NBA. This club has seen its value double from the 550 million dollars he and his partners paid for it. They have also been able to grow the team and improve its level of competition within the NBA.

Wes Edens, however, is not only a sports investor as he began his career in finance at Lehman Brothers. Back then it was one of the largest investment banks in the country. He would continue to grow within the organization, and by the time he left, he was a partner. This, however, did not prevent from establishing the Fortress Investment Group with three others in 1998 after he left UBS where he was a managing director.

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  1. I would not mind investing in a football business. Football is the most admired sports in the universe, WES Edens knows this, he loves the sports and he did invest in it. Aston Villa has been my favorite club and even Relationship Starters Blog have shown how much support they have for the club. I know that the club is fighting real hard to return to the EPL, the EPL is where every club want to play and I would glad if Aston Villa can return to the EPL to compete with other bigger teams.

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