Shervin Pishevar’s 21 Hour Interesting Tweet Storm

Having stayed away from the limelight for a while, Shervin Pishevar took twitter by storm, literally. As people are still wondering why the sudden emergence after staying away from the spotlight for long, he, on the other hand, had fascinating predictions to make. Taking on to Twitter to express what will happen in the next few coming months, he touched on technology, infrastructure, the US economy and the trading of bitcoins.

The predictions on;

  • Infrastructure

Good infrastructure ensures that a countries economy is flowing smoothly. From the transportation of goods and even citizens commuting to work and get there on time builds a country’s economic status. Shervin Pishevar gave a statement that the government of China created a train station in nine hours an indication that speed is crucial.

  • Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading has been hot through the years, but the ongoing crash will continue and become stable in the range of 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars. In the next two years it will rise again steadily, but meanwhile, gold trading will experience some growth.

  • The US economy

The economic status of a country is usually its backbone, and this is no different to the US. Markets will drop by 6000 points, as well as uncertain trade deals all over the world will be experienced.

  • Technology

Innovation is very crucial for the development and sustainability of the limited resources available. As Shervin Pishevar predicts entrepreneurship is a force to reckon with hence is not easy to stop it. Since technology is what the world relies on heavily, systems must be put in place so at to get as many achievements as possible.

All the predictions point to only a decline as far as the economy is concerned. It might be time for investors and even financial analysts to take a more in-depth look into the economy and come up with ways of restoring the economic status of the country. As a businessman, Shervin Pishevar might have a point on the coming difficult times.


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