The RealReal keeps it real — even on Instagram.

With over 137k followers, TheRealReal keeps it real on their Instagram page by posting their latest ships, interacting with their followers, and inspirational quote postings by iconic men and women of past generations.

“Crystal #Balenciaga or pink #Gucci? ????” The RealReal asks their followers by posting a satin electric blue Crystal embellished Balenciaga heel next to a girl-next-door pink strappy one by Gucci.

According to an article by The New York Times, the app had raised over $173 million in sold luxury consignment items since its founding in 2011. And like their thrifted finds, the company’s interaction between them and their followers are guaranteed as authentic in hopes to provide them the best customer service while they scroll through their Instagram feeds.

“Please check your direct messages and we’d be happy to assist you,” the company replied to one of their comments on an Instagram post featuring Balenciaga logo-printed jeans.

While fawning over a Dior purse one has been eyeing for a while, the colorful, pastel- themed page has not only become a page of admiration and discussion but also a forum for friends to comment and tag their friends.

“I am not basic,” a follower commented and tagged their friend in a Coco Chanel quote posted by TheReaReal. Her friend replied, “tagging a woman in a Coco Chanel quote on IG is the most damning conviction of (basic-try) that exists in this world.”

With daily postings and Instagram stories, one can follow the TheRealReal at @TheRealReal to keep updated about their latest releases and news.


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