Who is Matt Badiali and Why Do People Swear By His Investment Advice?

The name Matt Badiali was a featured google search sometime back. Many people looked him up because they saw one of his freedom checks videos. Although freedom checks are not the first time Badiali has made headlines, they are a well-received one that earned him a bit of fame. The question on most people’s minds was, “why should I follow this guy’s advice?” The answer spat back out at was simple, because he knows what he is talking about.

An investment guru is an expert in an investment field who can generate actionable advice for people that do not fully understand the market. Market savvy investors also use gurus as a reference, to double check their own investment plans. Matt Badiali is an investment guru for the natural resource market. He is an expert advisor for Banyan Hill Publishing, writing two newsletters that share his market projections. The newsletters are called Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist, and they both bar a wide subscription base.

In addition to being a finance expert Badiali is also a geologist. He holds degrees from Penn State and Florida Atlantic University. He even has a Ph.D. in sedimentary geology. His use this knowledge to make his investment projections, traveling the world to examine natural resource companies. Matt Badiali personally investigates the drilling and mining operations. He learns everything he can about the company, and then determines whether they have a successful future. This knowledge is then shared with his readers. So far Badiali has a good reputation, with his readers receiving double to triple returns of investment.

At present Matt Badiali continues his avocation for freedom checks, as well as investment projections for Canadian cannabis. The latter his most recent investment focus. As Canada is set to fully legalize marijuana, Badiali is projecting skyrocketing returns. In addition to freedom checks, Badiali is also suggesting investors put money into ETFs. ETF firms invest in Canadian cannabis, which allows U.S. investors to take part in the profits. Both freedom checks and ETFs stand to make a large return.


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