Why Jeremy Goldstein, Jim Finkel, Omar Khan Decided to Host A Dinner Party

Jeremy Goldstein understands the fun, happiness, and fulfillment that comes with giving. That is why, after working with the Fountain House for more than eight years as a member of the board of directors thought it wise to throw a party. He called it a dinner party but it was more than that. In the party that was held on May 22, 2018, Jeremy Goldstein led his fellow board members, Jim Finkel and Omar Khan to host a dinner party that was filled with all sorts of delicacies and exotic Chateau Latour wine. Later, Jeremy would go on to explain why it was necessary to host such a party.




“We are hosting this party tonight to appreciate all those that have contributed in one way or another to the success of the Fountain House. We could not be where we are currently is it not for your contributions. We are simply celebrating your devotion. Our foundation will continue to make good use of the contributions that you give. At the moment, tickets are selling at $3, 700 and donations that will come from the selling of the tickets will be channeled into various programs that are currently underway at the Fountain House,” said Jeremy Goldstein.




According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 450 million people live with mental complications worldwide. These people are isolated and are not regarded in any society in the world. because of that, there is a dire need for NGOs such as the Fountain House to come forward in support of such persons. Jeremy Goldstein said that these people are treated as outcasts even in families where they have grown up. “When people realize that one of their own is mentally challenged, they are not allowed to handle any finances. This makes it difficult for them because it is hard for them to start and maintain relationships, keep work for lack of requisite concentration, or even take care of themselves,” Jeremy Goldstein said.




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Jeremy Goldstein is an American renowned lawyer. He runs his own firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Before joining the Fountain House, Jeremy worked with different law firms. He has a Law Degree from New York University School of Law and a further M.A. from the University of Chicago.


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