OSI Group: From Small Beginnings To Major Corporation

OSI Group is one of the largest companies in the world to provide food to businesses and restaurants. The company has tens of thousands of employees. The company runs operations in seventeen countries which makes a total of sixty five facilities. The story of this company is a stable of economics for American history. The company still has much ahead of them as they advance the global market of food production.Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant living in Chicago, Illinois. The city was a thriving place for immigrants to make a home for themselves in America. Otto decided to open a small meat market to provide for him and his family. The meat market began to thrive. People all over the city flocked to his businesses.

With time, the company expanded to a second location right outside the city.When his sons were old enough, he passed the family meat market business down to them.Otto & Sons eventually became OSI Group twenty years later. This new company knew how important quality meat had turned a small family business into a giant food supplier. Therefore, they never lost the essence and importance of creating quality meat customers would love and restaurants would continue to purchase. The company wanted to produce a consistent and affordable product that could be moved over long distances and long period of times.

They had a lot of work set out for themselves but with time, dedication and hard work they were able to deliver a consistent product people enjoyed. OSI Group then began to experience tremendous growth.The company began to expand its operations. Getting into the international sector came next for the meat producer. The company even had to bring on a new chairman and CEO. But it made a huge difference gave the company the leadership it needed to progress in new territory. That leadership that led to expansion led the framework of what is OSI Group now. Today, the company is focused on continuing to expand into new countries and develop more products and delivering consistent products beloved by customers globally.


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