The Custom Companies Thrives Because Of Its Amazing Reputation And Company Culture

The Custom Companies, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a full service transportation company that provides transportation services. The original idea of the company, which it still follows today, was to offer its customers a broad base of solutions for their transportation needs all in one company. This comprehensive business model has allowed the company to grow quickly from a smaller operation that was originally ran with two trucks to its present day operations, which now use more than two thousand separate pieces of equipment within the United States. The company has been recognized as a leader in the transportation sector and always works to provide its customers with the best service in the industry.


The Custom Companies offers a range of services, and these include international and domestic air freight, truckload, logistics management, local cartage, expedited ground, hot shot, pick and pack, full and partial truckload services, warehousing, and much more. Its customers are located in North America, and they come from Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Before becoming The Custom Companies in the year 2000, it was known as Custom Cartage, Inc. The Custom Companies is headquartered out of Northlake, Illinois and always makes it a point to thank their customers with the hard work that is done there for them.


The Custom Companies is headed up by its President Perry Mandera and its Chief Financial Officer Tom Mroz. Other executives in the company include its Executive Vice President of Logistics & Supply Chain; Adam Baltz, its Executive Vice President of Operations; Rocky Caylor, and its other Executive Vice President of Operations Marc Inman. The company has been a leader in the technology and transportation industry for over 30 years and is happy to announce that its website was created only with the needs of their customers in mind. This customer-first attitude has always been a part of the culture of the company and is surely a large part of what has helped it to succeed all of these years. No company in North America provides the spread of services that the Custom Companies, Inc. does all while maintaining the kind of reputation that brings in customers, all by itself.



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