Perry Mandera’s Exemplified Charitable Provisions Across the Business World

Perry Mandera’s lifestyle is put in by various good deeds to his community. Both charitable organizations and the work community know this Chicago-region business owner well. In fact, Mandera’s exemplified charitable provisions expand from Chicago to across the business world — not forgetting the state of Illinois. However, many people are most familiar with Mandera as The Custom Companies Inc.’s CEO of which he is also the founder.


The Custom Cares owner understands the results of hard work with persistence. However, Perry’s service as a former US Marine is part of his willingness to be devoted to helping the less fortunate. During that time in the military, he was part of the workforce such as Marines For Life and Hiring Our Heroes. So, Perry Mandera had a generous heart in serving the needs of veterans, but his most popular interest was to help the needy children.


Therefore, through Custom Cares, the philanthropist has backed different causes. By contributing to The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Mandera has helped many abused and neglected children. Nowadays, the charitable organization puts together many activities from mentoring, rehabilitation to childhood residential programs. Thus, Perry is seeing his philanthropic giving preserved through Mercy Home workers and residents in diverse ways.


Also, Mandera’s position at Custom Companies Inc. gives him a tool using transport in a significant way that can affect many charitable organizations. For example, Perry’s transportation system proved helpful for more than 6000 impoverished children in the Chicago community and its neighboring counties. Mandera supplied transportation to The Jesse White Tumblers and Connie Payton Foundation to donate stacks in winter coats.


Perry Mandera’s efforts extend to work with young people in sports as being extracurricular beyond school and home. In serving as a local leader, he can show to the neighborhood teens and children how to take on those challenges which might look impossible. What’s more, Mandera has worked with those in the Olympic boxing competition by providing support and management.


The Custom Cares Founder’s work ethic is not only apparent through company activity, but his charitable work continues through The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls relentlessly and through other nonprofit supports.



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