Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a Brazilian judge in the Brazilian court of appeal in Sao Paulo. He was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga and at the age of 15, he developed an interest in law and decided to pursue a career in law. He attended the Pacific Union College in 1977 and graduated with a law degree in 1981. Marco continued with his education in the Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his master’s, doctorate and teaching degrees. In 2005, he had a post-doctoral fellowship at the faculty of law of Coimbra. In 1982, Marco was a professor at PUC, in 2003, he earned his tenure and stated teaching up to date.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva started working in the state judiciary in 1983 where he was working in the cities of Diadema, Monte Alto, PalmeiraD’Oeste, and in Sao Paulo. Later on, in 2002, Marco got a promotion to serve as a substitute judge and later on, in 2007 he was promoted and became a judge for the court of appeal.


Earlier on this year, on April 1st, justice Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was honored by PUC- Sao Paulo an institution he studied in and is a professor criminal law. The honor was done by naming one of the new auditoriums at the Perdizes campus after the magistrate. The ceremony was headed by the university president and the former chief of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals, Dirceu de Mello who applauded Marco Antonio for the dynamism and his interest to be ready to help always with anything. He appreciated the judge hard work and success and his role in ensuring the new auditorium construction and thus the honor was worth it.


On behalf of the faculty of law of the university, Ricardo Sayeg saluted Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and talked about his career. He says he is considered one of the treasures of the university faculty of law.


Marco Antonio also believes that success is achieved when others are involved, he thanked his family and friends in an emotional speech he gave saying he really values family, friends, justice education and most importantly God.



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