Marathon Pharmaceuticals; Offering Alternative Solutions to Rare Genetic Disorder Conditions

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical US company that comes up with treatment for rare diseases while focusing on the patients who have run out of treatment options. The new medicine pipeline for the company includes rare movement and neurological disorders treatments. Marathon Pharmaceuticals has its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois and its other offices are located in New Jersey, Washington DC and Chicago. The company produces a variety of drugs, for example, the Abacavir and Lamivudine Tablets, 2H10, Abacavir, Abarelix, and Abasria among others.

Joel Wood, the chief government affairs officer, had his kid suffering from a dreaded genetic disorder. As a result of the services that Marathon Pharmaceuticals had to offer, life expectancy for his child and others has rapidly escalated for over a decade. Against a previous situation where parents were advised to watch over their kids and give them love and care for the remaining time they had, marathon Pharmaceuticals has beaten all odds by extending life by the use of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids after diagnosis. An example is James who after series of wheelchair confinement which was a result of several bone fractures, was alternatively prescribed to Prednisone. After trying out all possible means with short-term effects, Marathon Pharmaceutical came to his rescue amongst thousands of other young men who could not access medication earlier but finally got the required treatment. Marathon offers domestically manufactured drugs and most clinicians now prefer these drugs in a bid to save thousands of kids and young men by enabling them to live longer and have a better quality of life. Joel also congratulated marathon stating that it took a risk of investing in uncommon diseases and making it available to everyone who could be in dire need of it.

Some of the employees of this company include Anna Fenkanyn SHRM-SCP, who is the Human Resource Manager, Jane Stachura, the Vice President and Regulatory CMC, Charles Tyler who is the MSL National Director, Javier Suarez, in charge of the Pharmaceutical Industry among many others.

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