Lee May Real Estate Expert And Beamridge Adviser

Beamridge is a design and build contractor that work exclusively with Lee May. Lee May is a well noted real estate expert that quickly gained success in the highly competitive London real estate market. Beamridge collaborates with Lee May on a wide range of projects across their location. His expertise has led the firm to even greater success. Certainly, Lee May has enjoyed a very successful career in real estate and advising Beamridge on real estate matters. Lee May is also a very caring individual that likes to work closely with charitable organizations in the community. Let’s take a closer look at Lee May’s success story.


Very Determined Man

Lee May has always been a very hard working and determined man long before connecting with Beamridge. Surprisingly, he began his rise up the success ladder at a very young age. He started working in the construction industry at 16 years of age. Afterward, he attended and graduated from North West Kent College. Lee May was always a hard worker and this led him to a bricklayer career. The ambitious Lee May soon became one of the most successful bricklayer sub-contractors in South England. However, this very determined and ambitious young man had much higher business goals in mind to achieve.


Beamridge Adviser

Beamridge was one of the large contractors that attracted the very ambitious Lee May. Beamridge focused specifically on large construction projects. They connected with Lee May because they knew about his background and expertise in construction and the real estate market. Clearly, it was Lee May’s advice and guidance that led Beamridge to even greater success. Lee May has always been a man that believed in taking risk. The odds are that he shared this advice with Beamridge to expand their reach and tap into new markets.


Giving Back

Lee May brought many positive influences to Beamridge. However, it is impossible to ignore the philanthropic work performed in the community by Lee May. This caring and giving man works with several youth organizations, steering kids away from a life of crime and helping them to focus on succeeding in the world.



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