Glenn Wakeman Discusses The Best Possible Game Plan For New Entrepreneurs

Glenn Wakeman believes a consistent performance is rewarded by peers, executives and investors. When the expected results are consistently delivered it leads to applause and promotions. Rewards are achieved because consistently is difficult. It requires repetition, discipline and focus. He has a simple formula created for success. This begins by ascertaining the starting point. Once the view and current trends have been established the next step is concentration. The risks and potential impacts must be identified and mitigated. Value is created through creative, practical and imaginative solutions. Consistency and practicality are important components of the process.


Glenn Wakeman defines management as coordinating activities to meet a goal. This includes blending together, synchronizing, organizing and integrating resources. He believes the manager must control feedback, processes and direction to ensure the resources of the business are made up of the right constituencies. He feels management leadership is about executing tasks and strategies as effectively as possible. He defines this as an orientation of inspiration and vision. When management processes are effective ideas can be converted into companies.


According to Glenn Wakeman, milestones are necessary to measure progress. The individual must know at what intervals to place these milestones and have a clear picture of success. The plan should not be overly detailed or formal but a simple roadmap. This can be followed to success. Learning is being sure about goals and knowing when the course requires adjustment. Success should never be based on several lucky coincidences. A plan is necessary for the timing and framework. This will enable the person to steer their ship successfully while managing their crew. Positions should be moderate and details must be acknowledged.


Glenn Wakeman believes it is very hard for entrepreneurs to delegate duties when they are first beginning. This is because it can be construed as a loss of control. This is not a feeling anyone enjoys. When an entrepreneur learns to pass of as much work as possible they can remain focused on the most critical items. This is what will either make them successful or lead to failure. He firmly believes the plan must be followed.



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