Family-Run IC Systems Company

The world is getting more interconnected as well as businesses. It is easier to find business partners through the internet. However, some companies have been build and stuck together as a family. One of these companies is IC Systems Company. IC System Company is a family-operated business. The company has its head office in St. Paul, Minnesota. IC Systems was initiated by Ruth Erickson and her husband Jack Erickson in 1938. The primary objective of the company was to find financial resolutions for its clients. Presently, the company is among the top companies working in the accounts receivable industry in America. Ruth became the company’s head after the death of her husband in 1952.

Since the company started, it has emphasized on family beliefs and compliments. In addition to this, the company under the leadership of Ruth has always encouraged the empowerment of women. This empowerment is seen in the company’s leadership up until today. The company’s significant values are honest and ethics. To date, the company uses these values to ensure that all of its clients find financial solutions to their problems. The company is currently in its third generation. Additionally, the company is still rooted in the early beliefs established by Ruth that have seen it go up the ladder of success.

The current success of the company can be attributed to the hard work of the founder, Ruth. Her determination, hard work, and perseverance set a strong foundation that the company rests on presently. Her contribution to women leadership has received recognized from several organizations such as WBE certified institution’s Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

With the help of Ruth, IC System partnered with the expert institutions that helped the company rise to where it is at the moment. The partners included Texas Medical Association as well as Massachusetts Dental Society. Moreover, the company received support from several professional organizations that have helped IC Systems to have the legacy that it prides in today.

The company still embraces women leadership as women are still serving at the top level of management. The company has employed women from the Erickson family such as Barbara Erickson, the current board chairperson.

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