Rocketship Success: Overcoming The Issues of Teaching Unprivileged Students


Rockship Education started with five private schools, founded and funded by Richard Danner. In his education module, he has strived to provide academic excellence to both the poor student and those of students of more affluent backgrounds. Unfortunately, this vast expanse between primarily the rich and the poor can adversely affect a student’s educational path.

Richard Danner and his education platform, Rocketship Education, strives to bridge the gap in the educational world of teaching children of all races, backgrounds, and incomes. Unfortunately, even with tons of money invested in the educational system, the system has fallen short in effective teaching of unfortunate students. In today’s society, poor students usually will enter school already below the standards and skills of younger privileged children. In typical circumstances, the poor student usually ends up dropping out of school.

Rocketship Standardized Tests

Richard Danner, a public school teacher himself, has set out to bridge the gap between privileged and poor students with the standardized tests he has developed. On Rockship’s standardized tests, underprivileged students outscored the United States’s average. In the same area, these students have done as well or exceeded children from parents who are professors at the renowned Stanford University.

Rocketship Projected Growth

Many cities across the United States are clamoring for Rocketship’s platform for furthering education principles with Danner’s program. During President Obama administration, the U.S. government invested $2 million dollars in Rocketship’s growth. Since that time, Rockship, in 2018 has schools in the Bay Area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. Currently, Rocketship has over six thousand students enrolled, of which over seventy-five percent of their students come from poor backgrounds. In the Bay Area, Rocketship schools are in the top ten percent of the California school districts and charters, among schools serving a similar student class.


Rocketship’s mission is to help, assist, and further the education of low-income students. Rocketship’s principles are based on personalized learning, talent development, and teaching the child’s parent how to further their child’s development, despite the issues that both the parent and child’s environment that both have to endure.


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