Drew Madden On Why You Should Watch CVS And Amazon

In case you have not been paying much attention lately, there is an interesting business battle taking place between CVS and Amazon. These are two companies that one might not immediately put together in their head, but the reality is that both are not locked in battle for the fate of the pharmaceutical industry. Why are things so heated and dramatic? Simply put, because Amazon now wants to enter the arena of battle against a foe that they have never taken on before. The best way that they can do this is to apply for licenses to sell prescription medications across state lines. Take two guesses what they have just applied to do.

CVS saw this move by Amazon and realized that it could be a real threat to their business model. In order to counter it, they figured they would need to pull out all the stops. This meant that they would need to do something big, and that is exactly what they did. CVS decided that it would purchase Aetna. This is a healthcare insurance company that has been a big name in that industry for a long time.

Drew Madden, a healthcare IT entrepreneur with a lot of experience in all things healthcare has been watching these events unfold with a sense of curiosity. Drew Madden believes that both companies are making moves that they might not normally make, but that make sense given the climate of the situation that they find themselves in. He legitimately views this as something of a struggle between two brands that both want to show that they know what they are doing.

CVS does not want to lose its reign over the niche industry that it has been a part of for so long. However, Amazon does not want to see its grip on total power over everything it touches drift away either. As such, you have two companies with different goals meeting at the same place. It could be a long and drawn out battle between these two, but all of the rest of us will get to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance.


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