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Doe Deere is the founder of the whimsical, colorful, magical make up brand called Lime Crime, which is cruelty free and vegan. Doe Deere was recognized as one of the top inspiring women entrepreneurs as her online business was one of few that changed the game. This CEO of Lime Crime made it her mission to have vibrant and colorful products and to be able to express yourself, and be your own person through your make up, it makes her stand a part from the other brands. Her love for fairy tales and unicorns is behind all of the names and colors for her products, like her mermaid highlighters and unicorn hair colors. One of her products is one she had introduced in the make up world, wet to matte lipsticks, she worked with a chemist for months to come up with the best formula. Doe first started out by capturing the hearts of make up lovers everywhere by teaching people how to wear her make up via blog. She inspires others to have fun and be free while playing around with make up. Now, with three million Instagram followers, her unicorns (fans) can gather along her page and talk endlessly about makeup.


“If we aren’t obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!” Says Doe Deere on her online store. She takes her customers, employees and even her haters ideas with open ears and is always seeing value in anyone’s opinion. She makes it her goal to make sure people are happy with her items. She and her co workers always test the products before putting them up for sale to make sure it is perfect. With Lime Crime ever growing Doe talks about a generation of young people who are so very important. Good old (or young) Generation Z. This is the generation born and raised with the internet, smart phones and social media. Our youth is very crucial when it comes to online shopping. Almost everything is being done online and with businesses blooming from online sales, our young generations are the ones who are going to protect and grow how we use online shopping and businesses. And despite Doe’s harsh criticism that selling make up online just wouldn’t work, it did not stop her from perusing this distinctive brand. Her love for animals does not stop at her make up line being cruelty free and vegan, Doe Deere has donated to animal shelters, adopt NY and also supports Red Cross, Girls Inc, HOLA for kids in LA, and Sanctuary for Families. She says being able to donate to these oganizations has been the most satisfying moment that has came out of her business. “Success is making other people happy” Doe Deere explains to Being able to grow and not fall into the same patterns like everyone else, all while always having the same beliefs in her business is something she has greatly accomplished.


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