See What Alex Pall Had To Say About His Journey towards Dance Music Career

It seems that The Chainsmokers aren’t losing their apex in the music industry soon. They just released their highly anticipated hit “Closer” the other day and its impact was unstoppable. Alex Pall who happens to be half of the duo was interviewed and he had certain important things to say about their career. Pall says he grew up with the irresistible passion of being a DJ. It was the only hobby he could associate with unlimited happiness. Although he had a little career going on, Pall was busy offering DJ services around New York City. Although this was the side work he was doing, it was the thing he was extremely passionate about.

He notes that he could get scared at times once he faced the fact that whatever he was pursuing wasn’t a job but more like fun. He realized that dance music was taking him captive and that it burned his life. For this reason, he decided to give dance music a proper shot. Pall clarifies that the current duo manager who works with the duo was the same he worked with that time, and that it was this manager who introduced him to Drew. They didn’t waste any more time immediately they met but they went into the main thing. Pall says that the journey to his dance music started when he quit his job.

When asked how he knew that this would work for him and Andrew, Pall says that they both had similar interests and they knew what they wanted to bring on the table. He says that both of them shared about what they liked musically and the thing they were looking up to grow into. Pall says that he and Andrew came to discover that they had the same ambitions and driving force in the music industry and that the next thing wanted to see was it starting now. He says they were both attentive on what was happening around them, who killed it better than the other, what was working and what wasn’t working. Alex Pall is an American DJ who was born in New York City on 16th May 1985.


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