Louis Chenevert Believes Success is a Team Effort

Louis Chenevert can be considered as a pioneer in the world of entrepreneurship for his many contributions to companies such as General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, and most notably, United Technologies Corporation. After spending over a decade with General Motors, as well as time with Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert would go on to become the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, and during his time as the head of this colossal entity, he helped to execute the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace, which at a price of $18 billion, was the largest deal of kind at the time of its execution. Louis Chenevert time with United Technologies Corporation signified a culture change within the company, as he consistently championed the adoption of the latest technology, as well as the employment of qualified people to utilize these tools. The aircraft industry would forever be changed with the introduction of the Geared Turbofan engine, which was brought to United Technologies Corporation as a result of his relationship with Pratt & Whitney. Louis Chenevert, one of the most successful businessmen of this era, recently sat down to offer his audience a peek into his personal ideologies, as well as the practices that keep him flourishing in his career.

During his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert consistently motivated his staff to push the envelope technologically, and, as a result, he has made a habit of paying attention to the upcoming tech trends of the day. It is the rapid development of technology, in particular, the speed of change, that allowed his company to maintain a firm grasp of the future, which has him very excited about the moves to come. Despite the vast amount of individual accomplishments by Louis Chenevert, he consistently gives credit to his team, which provides immeasurable value to his efforts in the company. He also believes in rewarding your team, especially at times when which they have succeeded while taking a tremendous risk. In Louis Chenevert estimation, in the world of business, “you are only as good as the sum of your team.”



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