Doe Deere Loves Bringing Out Bright Colors On Herself And In Her Cosmetics Work

Doe Deere is the adopted name of a cosmetics entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime over 10 years ago, and has turned it into a phenomena with customers who love colorful makeup, lipsticks eyeliner and hair colors. Much of Lime Crime’s products come from Doe Deere’s imagination and get taken to a development lab that has partnered with her company, but with every product that does come out she wants to be the first to try it. She puts a lot of emphasis on being a vegan and making sure not a single animal is harmed either in the making of a product or its testing, and she’s made the fairy tale unicorn animal the Lime Crime symbol.


Doe Deere says the reason she chose a unicorn for the company logo is because she believes it represents everyone who has unique tastes and wants to feel free to bring out their uniqueness. She has also said she not only loves having her makeup done in its own way and wearing fashion matching it, but she also has various music and lifestyle tastes that she’s proud of. She has certain things she prizes like her orange fruit trees that she makes her own juice from, and her cats that she spends time with before going to work for the day.


Doe Deere was actually born in Russia and came to the US while still only 17. She had several goals she wanted to pursue at first which included being a singer in a band and becoming a fashion designer at the same time. Her band put out several CDs but never became signed by any big label companies or featured in any big shows, but Deere says she enjoyed her time doing it and she also met her husband during her time in it. Doe Deere attended a fashion institute in New York City but actually decided to drop out early as she started realizing she could sell her personal designs on eBay. She actually first used the name Lime Crime on her eBay store to brand her apparel with, but she wanted to make them stand out more by using herself as a model and dressing up in her own makeup and cosmetics.


Deere noticed that most cosmetic colors that she wanted currently didn’t exist, so she started buying the materials she needed to create them. But as she created them and did her modeling, she realized she could start selling these new cosmetics in an even better way than she could her fashion line. So she took Lime Crime and rebranded it for her cosmetic products and in a few years started seeing sales pour in. As her company grew she moved it to Los Angeles and in 2011 officially started Lime Crime headquarters. Lime Crime is sold mostly through the company website, but you can buy it in numerous retailers. Doe Deere is very active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where she not only announces upcoming products, but also sometimes hosts contests with Lime Crime giveaways.




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