Sussex Healthcare: Care Homes For Those Who Need Quality Care

Sussex Healthcare is a group of care homes in the United Kingdom in various communities in Sussex, England. They have been in business for twenty-five years and continue to grow and build new care facilities. They are a leading healthcare service of residential and nursing care in the region.

The following are some of the services offered:
1. They give individual care mainly to seniors who have specific health issues. There are many activities available for them socially and good, nutritious meals are prepared and served for their enjoyment and maintaining their good health.

2. Dementia care by well-trained and caring staff is an especially important service. The care homes are set up to ensure that individuals are comfortable and have everything needed to help them retain their dignity and to make them feel special. Activities are planned to help patients remember years past.

3. Neurological care is given for illnesses and injuries that many seniors and some younger individuals experience such as Parkinson’s Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; Brain injuries; Huntington’s Disease and others. Physiotherapists, speech therapists and spas and pools are available to help with these conditions.

Sussex Healthcare has many job opportunities and is now hiring for the following positions:
1. Unit Managers/Deputy Care Home Managers
2. Care Home Unit Managers
3. Kitchen Assistants
4. Accounts Assistants
5. Senior Care Assistants
6. Registered Mental Health
7. Activities Drivers
8. Weekend Driver
9. Laundry Assistant
10. Housekeeper
11. Registered Home Care Managers
12. Domestic Assistant
13. Recruitment Manager


These jobs are available at different care home locations: East Grinstead; Horsham; Billinghurst, West Sussex; Purley; East Grinstead, West Sussex; Henfield, West Sussex; Uckfield, East Sussex; and Horsham, West Sussex. Additional training is offered for both new and current employees in the Training Academy at the Head Office to sharpen skills and/or take courses in Management and many other jobs.

In January, Amanda Morgan-Taylor became the new CEO at Sussex Healthcare according to She has thirty years experience in health and social care and was excited to start working with the excellent, dedicated staff in continuing the quality care that has been their trademark.

Some awards Sussex Healthcare have been honored with are: Board Leadership Category in the National Patient Safety Awards 2016 and accreditation from Health Quality Service in 2002 and 2003. These honors show their commitment in continuing their excellent care and strong leadership for years to come.

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