Seeking Alpha Highlights Sahm Adrangi’s Career As A Hedge Fund Expert

Sahm Adrangi was recently interviewed by Seeking Alpha, where they released a publication on Sahm’s career before retirement. Seeking Alpha has attracted a lot of attention recently and has become a must-read for anyone seeking the key financial investments throughout the year. Among all this new attention from readers was also the majorly successful hedge fund investor, Sahm Adrangi. Sahm had read one of Seeking Alpha’s recent articles and decided to reach out to the company’s editor, having a long discussion once they caught up.

Seeking Alpha went on to state Sahm was an extremely hard working individual and most of his success can be attributed to his desire to succeed and continue growing his wealth through investments and networking. Sahm Adrangi found his way into the investment industry right out of college, landing a job at Merrill Lynch as a credit intern right away. Thanks to Sahm’s extraordinary work ethic, his original contract of just a year was extended greatly.

After completing his contract with Merrill Lynch, Sahm Adrangi went on to join the team at Longacre Hedge Fund. The total assets of Longacre funds surpassed more than 3 billion dollars and allowed Sahm to build his experience as well as the company with innovative strategies. Sahm spent time working at several different investment and management firms, but despite all of his success in the field, he decided to retire from the industry early on as he wasn’t a fan of the high pace involved with big city life.

Sahm Adrangi maintains the position of CIO at Kerrisdale Capital Management today, which he helped start up back in 2009. Sahm also regularly allocates time to teach young entrepreneurs and investors tricks of the trade and key opportunities to look for throughout the year. Although Sahm is no longer pursuing his investment endeavors on Wall Street, Sahm is doing very well with his company. With an initial investment of just under 1 million, Kerrisdale Capital Management now boasts a net worth of more than 150 million dollars.


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