Doe Deere Talks About the Birth and Life of Lime Crime

Guest of a Guest wanted to get the scoop on a successful modern fashion entrepreneur, and they picked Doe Deere for an interview. Doe Deere is the owner of a company called Lime Crime, and she was delighted to speak ton the interviewer about her journey within the fashion industry. Deere discussed many intimate details from her life and shared her innermost desires with the interviewer. That level of honesty usually fares well with the community. New prospects will start loving Mrs. Deere, and those who already love her will start loving her even more.



Daring to Be Different

Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime, revolves around the concept of daring to be different. The company sells a vast assortment of bright, playful and downright rebellious colors and styles for people to use. Deere created such colors because she could not find anything within the fashion industry that could satisfy her taste for bold colors. She gave birth to Lime Crime because she felt that the world was missing some originality. Lime Crime is the missing link in a colorless makeup universe.



Saying no to Animal Cruelty

She feels that products can be just as beautiful and effective if they’re made from natural ingredients. No product in her line of makeup contains an animal product, and she is quite proud of that fact. In fact, she stands by her principles so much that she had to devise a special plan to release her product in China. Apparently, China regulates retailers to test their makeup on animals before they can sell it wholesale in the country. Doe was against that, so she teamed up with another company so that she could sell the product without stepping on the rights of animals.



Taking Scandal Gracefully

Lime Crime has been a target of hatred and scandal since is started succeeding and becoming a flourishing entity. Doe has been accused of everything from treating patients horribly, to putting toxic chemicals in the products. The competition will stop at nothing when it fears another person or company. However, Deere handled each accusation respectfully and tactfully. She is a true trooper and leader who should be proud of her success in the industry. Learn more:



Lime Crime Information

Lime Crime is a privately owned makeup retailer that opened its doors in 2008. The company sells a vast assortment of products such as blushes, eyeshadow, hair colors and more. Everything that the company sells is made with vegan components because the owner of the company is adamantly against all animal cruelty.


It is not a huge company, but it continues to expand with each passing day. Its average revenue is more than $250,000 a year, and the amount continues to rise. The company offers an arsenal of fashion products that can appeal to women of all ages and lifestyles.


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  1. Deere chose to go the vegetarian course since she has dependably been against creature cold-bloodedness. Lime Crime employes somewhere in the range of 11 and 50 representatives. It is also clear that may also have descerned a whole lot which is clearly what they might have attained and it makes complete sense that they are getting what they want from them too.

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