Fabletics is a quality clothing producer that was founded in 2013. The company focuses their products on athleisure clothing. Upon starting up, founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg noticed that there were not many athleisure clothing companies in the industry. In result of this observation came the beginning of Fabletics. The two of them both knew that they would need someone to represent their company. Not only someone who would bring attention to the clothing, but someone who would play a role in the entire process. Kate Hudson was their pick. Kate fulfilled their hopes and went above and beyond. She was in the picture throughout the entire upcoming of Fabletics. She has been a part of every aspect from social media work to checking up on sales. Unlike many celebrities who endorse products, Kate genuinely fits well into the vibe that is given off from Fabletics. Although the company is experiencing great success now, that wasn’t necessarily always the case. There was a handful of setbacks that made their journey to success a little tougher to get through. One of which, was a loss of $300K in inventory. Additionally, the company was receiving many complaints that their top products were never available. During the downfalls of the company, Kate didn’t leave or give up. Instead, she rose up to the challenge. She decided that there were going to be some changes made to better the company. The company changed the way they did things, and it was very beneficial for them. One of the biggest things that they did was improve their customer rating. By listening to some of the complaints of customers, they reshaped some aspects of the company. In result, their customer rating improved. After that, they began to see that their company was doing much better overall. They now have over a million paying customers and have grown their business by 43% in only one year. Customer rating couldn’t possibly have that big of an impact on their business, could it? Actually, it could. In a survey taken recently, 84% of people said that they would trust an online review to the extent that they would trust someone they knew. Additionally, another survey stated that 60% of people wouldn’t buy a product or use a business simply because it had bad online reviews. Taking this into account, one can understand why customer reviews are so important. Initially, Fabletics had some problems that upset customers. This earned them the online stigma that they weren’t very good. In result, their business was not going the way they wanted it to. After Kate and the company decided to crack down on their problems, they raised their online ratings and therefore the business boomed. Kate Hudson was able to tag along an amazing business journey while also spending time in her acting career. She stated that she wasn’t going to stop acting despite the amazing success of the company. All in all, it looks like Fabletics choose a good partner.

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