How Kate Hudson Made A Difference To Fabletics

There are very few brands that are able to make such a mark as Fabletics has managed to achieve. This is a brand that was launched in 1993. No one expected it to leave an imprint in the minds of people so soon. But Fabletics is now making a giant such as Amazon worried too as it is cutting into its profits.


The face of Fabletics is Kate Hudson. It is very rare that a celebrity has such an impact on a brand. But she has proved everyone wrong.


This is because Kate Hudson is a different kind of person. She is a celebrity who is known for her fit body and her active lifestyle too. Besides, she is one person whom people can easily imagine wearing Fabletics clothes and going to the gym or playing with her kids at home. Typically, celebrities simply endorse a product without using it or even thinking much about it. But this is not the case with Kate Hudson. She endorses only what she believes in. Hence she has endorsed Fabletics after a lot of thought.


Kate is involved in every aspect of Fabletics. She gives a lot of thought to customer service. She is well aware that customer service can make or break a company. Hence she has revamped this department completely. Also, she loves technology too. Hence she is devising and using systems that would make the company more effective and efficient.


Kate Hudson is involved in the sales part of the business too. In fact, she is keeping a daily record of the sales. She knows what is selling and what is not. Hence she knows what the next trend should be. In fact, she is a hands-on person despite being a celebrity too.


One reason why Fabletics is doing so well is that people feel happy that their clothes are being hand-picked by a celebrity like Kate Hudson. Her sense of style does not need an introduction.


The business model of Fabletics is unique yet successful. It makes customers the members of the brand even before they have made their first purchase. This is because as they visit the site or even a brick and mortar store, the visitor is asked to fill in a lifestyle quiz. This is a simple quiz that has just 6 questions. The person is asked about the kind of workout she does along with its intensity, duration and so on. Next, the person is asked about her likes and dislikes with regard to workout wear in terms of color, texture, and so on. Now the person is asked her size and all. In this way, a huge database is being created at the backend by Fabletics.


Then this person is sent a free gift by Fabletics. Then the person is asked to enroll for a VIP membership program. This has a monthly fee. It offers them attractive discounts along with knowledge about new trends coming into the stores, especially for them!


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  1. I think i love what Kate Hudson is doing in the fashion industry as she is giving fashion a new look with the innovations she has put into fabletics. Even as superior paper provides some help in that respect.I simply think with people like Kate, celebrities are relaxed and happy that their fashion style are well covered because she has such great eye for best outfits that suits comfotably well.

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