Betsy DeVos: On The Plus Side

Formerly known as Elizabeth Prince, the United States’ Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes she is working toward a better educational system. She also admits there is still a lot of work to do. There are some things that most people do not yet know about DeVos.



She is also a philanthropist. She is presently married to philanthropist Richard “Dick” DeVos of Amway fame. They are considered by some sources to be “the most influential and generous couples” in the United States today.


Philanthropic Interests

Their charitable contributions have long since passed the $1 million mark. While Dick DeVos is a successful businessman and the founder of an aviation academy his wife, Betsy DeVos, has spent many years working towards reforming the United States educational system. Referred to as the educational-choice movement by DeVos and her followers, the movement is meant to ensure that education is a right of every American.



As a child she recalls seeing some of her friends’ parents struggling to keep their children in quality private schools again and again. While they could transfer their children to public schools, there was always a concern about quality. Sometimes a good education comes with a price tag.


DeVos’ Thoughts

Betsy DeVos thinks she can change that. In fact, for the last several years, she has been able to make a political impact and influence the decisions of politicians that have had an effect on today’s American educational system. According to DeVos herself, over 250,000 students presently studying in public-funded schools have been impacted by the changes of her educational-choice movement.



It is reportedly a significant increase from the data of the previous decades. DeVos’ movement is growing too. The amount of pupils that can presently study in schools without their mothers and fathers having to financially struggle is said to have risen by over 30 percent. She adds that her supporters include teachers, parents, and politicians around the world.



The Future

Betsy DeVos has supported communities via her charities, donations and her initiatives to publicize actions to work towards what she believes will be “a better future” in the United States. Her spouse, Dick DeVos, supports her principles. He has also personally contributed thousands of dollars to help encourage U.S. students to “think outside the box.” Their charity work has helped to make them a well-known couple in United States business, education, and politics.


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