Securus makes inmates’ lives better through technology

Doing time is not easy. Throughout the United States prison system, inmates are always faced with the temptation of making the wrong choice. Thrust into a milieu of criminality and antisocial behavior, inmates throughout the nation’s prisons have a difficult choice to make every day. They can either choose to do their time as individuals, being model prisoners and ensuring an earlier release and ability to successfully reintegrate into society, or they can succumb to peer pressure, continuing to live a life of crime while incarcerated and seriously jeopardizing their chances of ever successfully reintegrating into society.


One company, Securus Technologies, has been a leading force for good in the lives of inmates. Through its many high-tech solution, Securus has been able to develop technologies that help inmates to get through their sentences, preparing them to eventually reintegrate into society and become successful and productive citizens.


One such technology is Securus’ video visitation system. This highly novel system allows for inmates to stay in nearly constant, face-to-face contact with their loved ones on the outside. This foments positive, pro-social relationships with those law-abiding citizens with whom the inmates have formed important and lasting bonds. Prior to the implementation of this system many inmates would serve their entire sentences without the opportunity to maintain even casual contact with those who they most loved. This had highly detrimental effects, including a vastly increased chance of inmates becoming institutionalized.


Without the ability to maintain positive relationships with law-abiding citizens during their period of incarceration, many inmates simply lose the ability to maintain normal relationships or interact with people in a normal or prosocial way. This leads the inmates to become completely institutionalized, unable to function in normal society upon their release.


But with video visitation and other similar technologies, Securus is beginning to change all of that for the better.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bags The Personality Of The Year Award

As a sociologist as well as a banker, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has set an exemplary pace for career for many Brazilians. Born in 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an executive entrepreneur whose career flourished through the banking platform. The head cheerleader of Bradesco Group is a leader in nature.

Equipped with exquisite leadership skills, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has won several awards with the major success story of his achievement being personality of the year award. Luiz Carlos Trabuco won this award because of his outstanding input in finance industry. Through persistence and charisma, he has been able to serve various clients in the Brazilian finance industry. As the president of the largest insurance firm in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is tasked with the critical responsibility of ensuring the financial safety of most Brazilians.


Brazil is known for its exquisite ability to host several championship games. It is also known for its wavering economy given the inconsistencies of the world’s economy. With persistence and wisdom, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been able to initiate economic insurance packages for all families that require economical budgets. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, tailored insurance packages offer Brazilians the opportunity to enjoy affordable care in different sectors including health and education. Through Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the stability as well as the growth of Brazilian economy is in safe hands. A testament to the input he has in the economy of Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco won the insurance personality of the year award in 2007. That was the second time he bagged an award. Through this positive recognition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has infected Brazilians with positivity.


Having received the same award in 2003, it is evident that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a determined to be a leading figure of insurance provision. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been an instrumental element of the Brazilian insurance firm for approximately 38 years. With the banking experience, he has been able to apply the knowledge he has to succeed in the broker channels. By working in multiple sectors, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has proven to be a smart and goal oriented individual who champions progress. From being a lead marketer for insurance, he won the hearts of the company’s leaders and earned promotion as the vice president of the firm.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco believes that the insurance sector is a fundamental element of the state’s social existence. His services are therefore a huge extension of the state’s finance sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a sure bet when it comes to leading Brazilians in achieving financial goals. In his hope for a better Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco raises alarming concerns in regards to the importance attached to the market given that the country is focused on evolving into perspective urgency in insurance. Filled with optimism, the alumnus of Sao Paulo University believes that with persistence and achievement, Brazil shall be ranked among leading firms of insurance.


One quality that has ranked Luiz Carlos Trabuco among the top leaders in the insurance industry is his ability to grow the company. When he became the president of the firm in 2009, there was instability given the bank’s loss of projects. He interjected leading successful strategies that led the bank to greater ranks of performance. In an interview, he confidently stated that being a leader is not the ultimate goal of life. He is inclined towards excellent service delivery with the aim of retaining clients.


Being visionary, Luiz Carlos Trabuco purchased one affiliate of HBSC at $ 5.2 billion. Through the acquisition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had paved the way for leadership and private segments. Bradesco owns some of the company’s shares as well as operations. A segment of the shares include assets, deposits as well as loan grants.

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