Richard Blair’s Approach to Financial Investment Solutions.

Establishing your financial route to retirement can be one of the most important tasks you come upon with your money. Unfortunately, many people turn to unreliable firms to try and take care of the project. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions loves knowledge and loves to educate and that is what led him to pursue the financial investment realm after graduating college in 1992. Blair, the son of a teacher and grandson of another teacher, decided to apply his knowledge and pursuit thereof to his company, Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is based out of Austin, TX and has been serving the area for nearly 25 years. Blair’s success, and that of his client base, has been due almost entirely to a neat and established three pronged attack. Learn more:


Richard Blair has been making his Three Pillar financial retirement approach the foundation of his work at Wealth Solutions. Each pillar is instrumental in leading his clients to the next pillar with the ultimate goal being successful, wealthy, and healthy retirement fund. The three pillars serve as integral guidelines by which the entire process must adhere. Let’s dig into these pillars and show why Wealth Solutions can be the right place to pursue retirement goals.


The first pillar is all about setting up the roadmap by which Blair and his clients will operate. This pillar is integral, albeit convoluted, in that it requires full cooperation by clients in order to establish financial needs and goals. Blair focuses on developing the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s portfolio before developing an investment route that is both risk averse and high in growth potential.


The second pillar looks to the long term approach of retirement investing. This pillar puts all hands on deck in terms of asset management. Richard moves around assets in order to make sure that his client’s have the best chance possible in order to bring success to their portfolio. He also uses this pillar to focus on how to mitigate potential negative market potential on a portfolio.


Finally, the third pillar includes Blair focusing on all of the insurance needs that a client my need. He pushes toward long term needs, life insurance, annuities and more all while working hand in hand with his client to establish strong goals and strategies. These pillars are used by Blair and his team to help service clients of all walks of life, from high earning execs to small families merely trying to prepare for the future. Learn more:



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