Connecting Families and Inmates

Inmates are disconnected from the society when they are in correction centers. The inmates do not have access to their families because of unavoidable circumstances. Most families are usually held up and cannot meet the inmates. The visiting hours are strictly at a given period. This called for a need for generating solutions that could keep people connected and solve the challenge of lack of connection. Securus Technologies is a company that enables the inmates to remain connected with the help of technology. Technology is a solution to many things. One must embrace it for it to impact lives positively. Securus Technologies offers reliable and affordable products that enable the inmates to remain connected despite the distance between the two parties. This establishes a channel for people to remain connected. The inmates have the knowledge of what is happening back at home even when they are in the correction centers.


Securus Technologies offers different products to meet the needs of the inmates and the correction facilities. The products include investigative solutions, correction solutions, monitoring solutions, and communication channels. These products meet the needs of the inmates and the needs of the correction units. The company offers solutions that make the lives of the inmates bearable. The company’s primary target market is the inmates. Communication channel services are offered to enable the inmate and their families to communicate effectively. The communication channels are in different forms. They are both telephone and online systems that facilitate communication. This means that the inmates have options of reaching their families. They can either call or access them online through the portal or emails. Gadgets that are used as a means of communication are monitored to avoid breaching security.


Another different product offered by the company is monitoring services. These services ensure that the inmates are safe. The company offers CCTV cameras that are installed at various parts of the correction centers. They facilitate the security of the units in the correction centers. The company also offers correction solutions. These solutions include the handcuffs and other electronically enabled options. This manages the correction process offered at the correction centers. The security guards can carry out inspection with ease because they have the right gadgets. This is a facilitator of security, and it reduces the crime rate at correction centers.


Securus Technologies offers investigative solutions. These solutions are enablers of justice. This means that the cases represented at the court of law are held with the utmost professionalism. The data of any given case is analyzed accurately to give the expected results. Justice is served for all. The services that are rendered by Securus Technologies are unique. They impact the society positively. This is because the company meets the needs of the vulnerable people in the society.




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