How Roberto Santiago has worked hard to be a leading businessman in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is an acknowledged Brazilian entrepreneur who has been a role model to many people. The businessman currently lives in Joao Pessoa, and he is recognized for being the proprietor of two leading malls in the city. Mr. Santiago has been accumulating his affluence from when he was still a young boy, and at 56 years old, he owns assets that worth millions of dollars. His most recognized enterprise is the Manaira Shopping Mall, which has been operational since 1989. The people of the city appreciate the shopping center due to the outstanding entertainment and cuisine that it offers. It has been their favorite hangout place for the past three decades. Thousands of city residents flock the mall every day due to the broad variety of products that it offers them. Most of the shopping stores that are located in the mall operate 24/7. Roberto has been ensuring that the building stays modern by conducting constant renovation. It is hard for one to tell if the business center has existed for more than three decades. Read more about the mall on

Mr. Santiago is a gifted writer and has written a couple of blog posts about success and various challenges that people face in life. He has also been involved in script writing and well as movie directing and production. The businessman is a great fanatic of the motocross sport. He used to take part in races when he was still young and managed to win several medals. His excellent business understanding has been facilitated by his education.

Santiago started making his first money by venturing into a cafeteria business. The Santa Rosa-based café enabled him to generate wealth, which he later invested in a cartonnage company. The firm was recognized for the excellent decorative items that it manufactured, and its turnover was also significant. By 1987, Roberto was able to afford a piece of land, and he started the construction of Manaira Shopping. The development of the building took three years.

Roberto Santiago has made sure that Manaira Shopping’s amenities stands out from those in other malls in the city. The facilities that are available at the business center include financial institutions, movie theaters, a gaming zone, a food court, a concert hall, and a gym. The building has currently housed more than 200 shopping stores that allow customers to access almost any commodity that they need.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping also provides a spacious concert hall that is ideal for holding events such as music shows and conferences. The name of the room is the Domus Hall, and it is located on the building’s rooftop. The sound, light, seats, and air conditioners that have been installed in the hall make it to standout. Roberto Santiago later founded Mangeira Shopping, which also offers modern products and services to the residents of the city. The presence of the two shopping malls in Joao Pessoa has significantly bettered its social and economic status. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho


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