Don Ressler’s Other Star Child of TechStyle

With all of the talk about Fabletics, it is easy for people to forget about some of the other brands of TechStyle which include JustFab. This is another subscription service on that offers people some high fashion items at low prices. They have many different styles on display for people that want to impress on different occasions. These choices are very exciting. However, one of the more exciting aspects of TechStyle is that it has a ton of brands that are available for the customers to choose from. Therefore, they do not have to settle for just JustFab.

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There are a lot of reasons why Fabletics is one of the most celebrated brands of TechStyle. For one thing, there is always something major happening in the brand. Also, Fabletics has a lot of different products that really look amazing for the type of clothes they are. One other reason that Fabletics is so celebrated is the celebrity backing that it has. Kate Hudson is deeply involved with the company as the CEO of Fabletics on This is one of the selling factors behind the company. Kate Hudson herself gives this company credibility as one of the more stylish companies that deal with fashion. Kate Hudson herself is known as someone who is in style.

This is a huge advantage that he has in his career. People that know how to attract the customers will go along way towards success. Don Ressler has used the celebrity status of Kate Hudson as well as the reputation and success of his other brands in order to take on the fashion industry with Fabletics.

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