Connecting Families and Inmates

Inmates are disconnected from the society when they are in correction centers. The inmates do not have access to their families because of unavoidable circumstances. Most families are usually held up and cannot meet the inmates. The visiting hours are strictly at a given period. This called for a need for generating solutions that could keep people connected and solve the challenge of lack of connection. Securus Technologies is a company that enables the inmates to remain connected with the help of technology. Technology is a solution to many things. One must embrace it for it to impact lives positively. Securus Technologies offers reliable and affordable products that enable the inmates to remain connected despite the distance between the two parties. This establishes a channel for people to remain connected. The inmates have the knowledge of what is happening back at home even when they are in the correction centers.


Securus Technologies offers different products to meet the needs of the inmates and the correction facilities. The products include investigative solutions, correction solutions, monitoring solutions, and communication channels. These products meet the needs of the inmates and the needs of the correction units. The company offers solutions that make the lives of the inmates bearable. The company’s primary target market is the inmates. Communication channel services are offered to enable the inmate and their families to communicate effectively. The communication channels are in different forms. They are both telephone and online systems that facilitate communication. This means that the inmates have options of reaching their families. They can either call or access them online through the portal or emails. Gadgets that are used as a means of communication are monitored to avoid breaching security.


Another different product offered by the company is monitoring services. These services ensure that the inmates are safe. The company offers CCTV cameras that are installed at various parts of the correction centers. They facilitate the security of the units in the correction centers. The company also offers correction solutions. These solutions include the handcuffs and other electronically enabled options. This manages the correction process offered at the correction centers. The security guards can carry out inspection with ease because they have the right gadgets. This is a facilitator of security, and it reduces the crime rate at correction centers.


Securus Technologies offers investigative solutions. These solutions are enablers of justice. This means that the cases represented at the court of law are held with the utmost professionalism. The data of any given case is analyzed accurately to give the expected results. Justice is served for all. The services that are rendered by Securus Technologies are unique. They impact the society positively. This is because the company meets the needs of the vulnerable people in the society.



Mikhail Blagosklonny, the Oncologist

Mikhail Blagosklonny currently works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is the Professor of Oncology. He is a famous scientist specialized in the study of Aging as well as Cancer. He attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. His studies at the institution earned a master’s degree in the study if Internal Medicine. He also holds a Ph.D. from the same University in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

In the year 2002, Mikhail was promoted to the position of associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College. The college is located in Valhalla in New York. Later on, he moved to Ordway Research Institute. Mikhail Blagosklonny served in the position of the senior scientist at the Institute. In the year 2009, he went to Roswell Park Cancer Institute to occupy the position of the Professor of Oncology. His possession of skills as well as experience obtained from numerous places where he had served transformed him into an excellent professor. The interest of his study entails a lot. Such includes anti-aging drugs, cancer, Biogerontology as well as the besieged treatments that prevent the healthy cells from damage. Read more on

Mikhail serves as the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget as well as Cell Cycle. This is in addition to being the associate editor of cancer biology as well as therapy. Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the editorial board members working on the Death and Differentiation of the Cell. He has also developed a theory in line with the importance of TOR Signaling potential when dealing with cancer as well as aging.

He utilized the Rapamycin in the course of his proposal. The drug is commonly used during cancer treatment process. His suggestion was that the drug is a potential treatment towards lie extensions.

According to the categories, he has been classified as being among the leading fanatical supporters of Rapamycin in lifelong research. His research varies from molecular and cellular biology to clinical investigations. It entails anticancer therapeutics, drug resistance for healthy cells, mitosis, oncogenesis, apoptosis, signal transduction, cell cycle, selective protection, as well as tumor suppressors.

He is also a writer of the theory of the aging hyperfunction. This is in addition to being an author of cell chemotherapeutic and cyclotherapy engineering. Mikhail is famous for having a lot of curiosity towards oncology.

It is for this reason that he has confidence in the possibility of managing aging as well as cancer. His other belief is the possibility of treating cancer and thus the reason behind the proposal of Rapamycin. He has written 30 research articles, book reviews, as well as chapters whose publication is under his name. Check Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Also, he is the PLOS ONE’s associate editor. This is the American Journal of Pathology and International Journal of Cancer. The reason behind his success in being among the leading Oncology researchers globally is commitment and hard work. He loves humanity, and it is for this reason that he entered his work field with the objecting of facilitating the achievement of a society free from diseases.

How Roberto Santiago has worked hard to be a leading businessman in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is an acknowledged Brazilian entrepreneur who has been a role model to many people. The businessman currently lives in Joao Pessoa, and he is recognized for being the proprietor of two leading malls in the city. Mr. Santiago has been accumulating his affluence from when he was still a young boy, and at 56 years old, he owns assets that worth millions of dollars. His most recognized enterprise is the Manaira Shopping Mall, which has been operational since 1989. The people of the city appreciate the shopping center due to the outstanding entertainment and cuisine that it offers. It has been their favorite hangout place for the past three decades. Thousands of city residents flock the mall every day due to the broad variety of products that it offers them. Most of the shopping stores that are located in the mall operate 24/7. Roberto has been ensuring that the building stays modern by conducting constant renovation. It is hard for one to tell if the business center has existed for more than three decades. Read more about the mall on

Mr. Santiago is a gifted writer and has written a couple of blog posts about success and various challenges that people face in life. He has also been involved in script writing and well as movie directing and production. The businessman is a great fanatic of the motocross sport. He used to take part in races when he was still young and managed to win several medals. His excellent business understanding has been facilitated by his education. Roberto attended the Pio X-Marist College and was later accepted at the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he completed his business administration degree.

Santiago started making his first money by venturing into a cafeteria business. The Santa Rosa-based café enabled him to generate wealth, which he later invested in a cartonnage company. The firm was recognized for the excellent decorative items that it manufactured, and its turnover was also significant. By 1987, Roberto was able to afford a piece of land, and he started the construction of Manaira Shopping. The development of the building took three years.

Roberto Santiago has made sure that Manaira Shopping’s amenities stands out from those in other malls in the city. The facilities that are available at the business center include financial institutions, movie theaters, a gaming zone, a food court, a concert hall, and a gym. The building has currently housed more than 200 shopping stores that allow customers to access almost any commodity that they need.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping also provides a spacious concert hall that is ideal for holding events such as music shows and conferences. The name of the room is the Domus Hall, and it is located on the building’s rooftop. The sound, light, seats, and air conditioners that have been installed in the hall make it to standout. Roberto Santiago later founded Mangeira Shopping, which also offers modern products and services to the residents of the city. The presence of the two shopping malls in Joao Pessoa has significantly bettered its social and economic status. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is a liberal billionaire. He has also dialed back his charitable giving towards funding the Democratic campaigns in the 2016 general elections. He has also committed more than $25 million towards funding these events to support Hillary Clinton and other candidates. The billionaire investor has scaled down to provide numerous charitable giving towards supporting his favorite political aspirants. He has amassed numerous amounts of money to generate his role in the political field. He also used more than $27 million during the 2004 presidential election to throw George Bush from power. During that time, there were limited posts in the country. For this reason, they engaged in working with capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

George Soros was born in Hungary. He was raised in that country even if he was an original Jewish. His family, together with other families, feared the Nazi occupation because they killed non-Hungarian born citizens. For this reason, he worked hard to secure false identities to save his family from the Nazi occupation extinctions. After two years, he helped most of his friends secure these identities and saved their lives. During that time, he went to London and commenced a new life of business and work. The 18-year-old boy worked hard to become a business entity at that time of business modeling. He worked at a local railway restaurant as a waiter to gain more money to pay for his school fees. He attended the London Business School for two years before graduating with the highest honors.

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George Soros was offered a job at a local railway station as a financial executive. However, he denied the post. During that time, George Soros ended up working to attain better business models through his extermination. He went to the United States. He sailed to New York using a ship. During that time, business was not as usual. He worked at two local New York hedge fund management companies. Because he was hardworking and innovative, he wanted to become a better business entity through his associated business profiles. George Soros was successful. For two years, his success amounted to gaining respect in the hedge fund management industry. He got enough money to generate his business. Because of his activities, he worked hard to achieve his goals and dreams. Learn more on Biography about George

George Soros founded the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company to extend his charitable giving in society. He used the company to achieve business and profit through betting against the risky currency trades. Because he has the management profits to secure fast working money, he gained through shorting the British pound. This was the first time he tested the money. He commenced his charitable giving through the Open Source Foundations.

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Sam Tabar Reveals Investment Tips Anybody Can Follow

Sam Tabar is one of the most prominent business strategists in the United States. While he is considered as the best management capability in the industry, you might consider working to attain better business associations in the industry.

For those who are activated towards management isolation techniques, you will always struggle to develop working solutions for business and profession.

More than 54 percent or people in the United States lay down their New Year resolutions each year. For them, they believe that these resolutions will help them work towards better business activation.

If you are one of the people who is geared towards the development of business structures, no one has a better innovation strategy to help you with your folly. Business is not what you think it is. However, business is activated to make our lives better.

According to a recent study conducted by the Fidelity Institute of Management, more than 50 percent of the Americans who lay down their new year resolutions forget them as soon as the festive season is over. For this reason, their achievement decisions are not as real as they ought to be.

Business, according to Sam Tabar, is what other people know nothing about. For most, business is considered as the fact that makes other companies gain market advantage.

If you want to succeed with your new year resolutions, you must strive to develop a working capability that is not paralleled in the industry. According to a recent study, commodity markets are more volatile than the currency trades.

Many people are now willing to invest all their money in the risky currency trades. For most, they think that gaining more money in the currency trades is effective. For this reason, they will always struggle to become better in business and stability.

If you are always struggling with business, you can get better business management skills through the activation of organic portfolios. Commodity trading is more volatile than the risky currency trades.

For those who want to engage in business with the risky trades, they should consider working with the risky investment trades. Serial people in business don’t engage in the risky trades.

The Life Of Tony Petrello

Lloyd Grove reminisces in his article at The Daily Beast, about his freshman roommate in college at Yale, Tony Petrello. He remembers the young Petrello as an Italian-American kid who came from the public school system with a scholarship.

Lloyd Grove jokingly mentions his jealousy over the multi-million dollar success Petrello has achieved over the course of his life. Lolyd seems to be genuinely proud of his young friend from college and mentions his wit and humor, along with his incredible smarts.

Petrello is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries. He began his work with Nabors in 1991, after working as an attorney with the law firm, Baker and McKenzie, for 10 years. Petrello has worked his way up the company ladder, starting with the title of Director and Chief Operating Officer. He has been with the company for 26 successful years. Since its inception in 1952, the company has been turned into a $7 billion company and employs over 26,000 people.

Petrello also works with the Texas Children’s Hospital as the Director. He and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, have donated $7 million to the children’s neurological research center. Their daughter Carena, who is eight, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She was born prematurely with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Their hope is to one day find a cure for children’s neurological diseases or the answers to help make their lives a little easier. Anthony Petrello and his wife find much hope through their young daughter.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Climb To Success At QI Group

When most companies startup and have a big plan to take over an industry, receiving seeding and rounds of venture capital isn’t difficult to achieve. But for Dr. Vijay Eswaran the leader of QI Group Ltd., he didn’t have the luxury of financing and investors pouring funds into the company. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

It took him some time to build enough cash flow from different gigs and investments he made on the side, but today QI Group is one of the world’s largest multilevel marketing and real estate holdings companies.

Vijay Eswaran also faced false accusations from some former shareholders, but he hasn’t let that deter him from staying true to the belief that serving others instead of taking advantage of them will always lead to good things.

Eswaran cofounded QI Group in Hong Kong in 1998 after entering multilevel marketing with the Cosway Group not long before. Prior to that, Eswaran was a marketing consultant for several technology companies including Synaptics and IBM.

He had grown up in Malaysia and was taught about spiritualism and respect for others by his father Vijayratnam whom Eswaran later established a charity organization in his honor. Eswaran’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics from London’s School of Economics and an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

QI Group consists of ecommerce in the health and wellness industries and luxury vacation packages through QNet and Qi Lifestyle and its traveler companies.

It also has property management for vacation villas and credit and financing services through QI Asset Management, and currently Eswaran is funding construction of QI University-Perak’s new green campus housing project. This housing project will include several new student housing sections and commercial spaces and even have eco-friendly public transportation.

Vijay Eswaran made Forbes Asia twice as one of Asia’s richest businessmen and one of their Heroes of Philanthropy thanks to his work at RYTHM Foundation and Vijayratnam Foundation. He has several books about business leadership and how spiritualism can make great leaders including In The Sphere Of Silence and On The Wings Of Thought. He is a featured speaker at several business summits including the World Economic Forum.

Mike Baur Is A Key Person At The Swiss Startup Factory

The last few decades have changed the world in many different ways. There are always important time periods in life that help to change the very way that the world revolves day-to-day. In almost all of these major time periods, technology has played an important role in moving the world from one step to the next. Technology usually is the driving force that helps to push the world into a different phase. In many ways, the phases are described by the way that technology helped to move the world into a new and different time period defined by the changes that occurred.


One of the latest time periods that has been defined with the help of technology is the digital age that the world has moved into over the past few decades. The digital age has changed the way the world does almost every aspect of life. The digital age is linked to the numerous technology innovations that have occurred in recent times. Some of the technology innovations that have occurred that have been at the core of the digital age include the Internet, wireless networks, fast Ethernet, broadband, intelligent software, software automation, and a variety of other related technology.


Beyond technology innovations, technology developments such a ecommerce that is a business foundation on the Internet has helped to make the digital world become what it is today in society. The age of the digital world has transformed the way that the world moves, but the digital age has also changed the way that the business world and people do daily tasks.


One of the biggest changes has been the way the business world conducts business. Ecommerce has become a major aspect of daily business operations for companies. With the popularity of ecommerce by its use concerning millions of people, many entrepreneurs have changed the way they approach starting companies. The idea of digital companies has become a popular trend for many entrepreneurs looking to establish new companies.


In addition, numerous companies have started that help entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory is one of the companies that helps entrepreneurs start and run digital companies. Mike Baur is one of the founding partners of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur has been a central force in helping the Swiss Startup Factory become a top company in the area of helping entrepreneurs learn how to start digital companies.


Mike Baur has many years of experience in the business world that includes over a decade in the banking industry. He understands what is needed to start digital companies from a variety of aspects. Mike Baur has been instrumental in the development of the training, consulting, and mentorship that is provided to clients through the Swiss Startup Factory.



Don Ressler’s Other Star Child of TechStyle

With all of the talk about Fabletics, it is easy for people to forget about some of the other brands of TechStyle which include JustFab. This is another subscription service on that offers people some high fashion items at low prices. They have many different styles on display for people that want to impress on different occasions. These choices are very exciting. However, one of the more exciting aspects of TechStyle is that it has a ton of brands that are available for the customers to choose from. Therefore, they do not have to settle for just JustFab.

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There are a lot of reasons why Fabletics is one of the most celebrated brands of TechStyle. For one thing, there is always something major happening in the brand. Also, Fabletics has a lot of different products that really look amazing for the type of clothes they are. One other reason that Fabletics is so celebrated is the celebrity backing that it has. Kate Hudson is deeply involved with the company as the CEO of Fabletics on This is one of the selling factors behind the company. Kate Hudson herself gives this company credibility as one of the more stylish companies that deal with fashion. Kate Hudson herself is known as someone who is in style.

Don Ressler has shown that he knows how to bring in the sales. This is a huge advantage that he has in his career. People that know how to attract the customers will go along way towards success. Don Ressler has used the celebrity status of Kate Hudson as well as the reputation and success of his other brands in order to take on the fashion industry with Fabletics. He has encouraged a lot of imagination and creativity with his company. The future looks very bright for the TechStyle company.

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The Impact of Helane Morrison in the Legal Sector

Helane Morrison is a leading San-Francisco-based attorney who has worked for various law organizations. She has practiced for about thirty years and has spent all her career life in the city. Morrison currently serves Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is the MD and general counsel of the firm, which is headquartered in San Francisco. The company has been renowned in the area due to its commitment to ensuring that corporations and financial advisors are compliant. Helane has been working at the company since November 2007 when she was appointed as a chief compliance officer. She has served the firm in various capacities, which includes being a member of its executive committee.


Morrison is currently an executive at the Regional Parks Foundation. She also part of the American Bar Association and has been working for its Hedge Fund unit. Helane has also been working as a part-time speaker. She has been sharing her knowledge of compliance as well as legal issues that deal with private funds and investment advisors.


Helane worked for the Securities and Exchanged Commission for more than a decade. She joined the organization in 1996, and the first position that she was offered was to serve as the director of enforcement programs. Morrison held the office until 1999. She was the head of all investigations that the conducted by the San Francisco district office. The organization also chose her to represent it in government agencies, legal matters, as well as financial and business communities.


In 1999 the SEC named her as the head of its San Francisco office. She held the position until 2007 when she moved to Hall Capital Partners LLC. Her position as the chief of the district gave her the responsibility of overseeing regulatory compliance matters, law enforcement, and business fraud cases. The authority of the SEC’s San Francisco district covers Alaska, North Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Northern California.


Helane Morrison was awarded her Juris Doctor from the University of California. Before that, she graduated with a journalism degree from the Northwestern University. Morrison has been an attorney since 1984, and she worked at Rice, Canady, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin. She joined the firm in 1986 as a lawyer and was named partner in 1991. The Bar Association of San Francisco appointed her to its judiciary committee where she worked from 1991 to 2001. She was later promoted to be the association’s director, and she served from 2001 to 2004.